Disposable Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Blades Intubation Kit
Item #13-8594
Individual clear pockets enable you to store and see a variety of airway accessories and a complete set of laryngoscope blades and handles 
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METTI (Muallem ETTube Introducer)

for difficult intubation and tube exchange

Box of 5

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METTS (Muallem ETTube Stylet)  box of 5 for difficult intubation

Item #7-3208
Size 8 CH
Length for ET Tube 40 cm >/-3.5 mm

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Slick Disposable Endotracheal Stylet box of 25

Sterile, Nylon-coated wire, Malleable, Single Use
Sureloc Stop helps maintain desired length for patient safety
Handle forming capability for better grip

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$74.50 - $118.50

Short, malleable intubation stylet autoclavable up to 134 degrees C Soft, atraumatic tip

Stylets Without adjustable 15 mm ID connector

Box of 25

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Disposable, Single Patient Use Three Sizes Available: Infant, Child & Adult

Transtracheal Catheters

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Tube Exchanger III – box of 10
for extubation and exchange of Endotracheal Tubes

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The AincA VideoStylet is a lightweight, reusable “through the endotracheal tube” viewing system (and introducing stylet) that allows the practitioner to obtain a direct view of precisely where the tip of the endotracheal tube (ETT) is progressing. 

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The Airway Intubator is cylindrical on the proximal half and open on the distal half of the lingual surface.

Williams Airway Intubator
Box of 10

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