An alternative for oxygen therapy patients who cannot or will not tolerate a cannula or for those patients who have recurring necrosis.

BiFloTM & PediFloTM Nasal Mask Box of 25

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Cannula with 7' Tubing Case of 25

Oxygen connecting tubing features crush-resistant STAR interior, 

Latex free, single use, sterile

Available in 3 sizes

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With the patient’s ease of fit and maximum comfort in mind, the Comfort Plus line of cannulas are designed lightweight and clear to ensure a comfortable fit for long-term use.

Comfort PlusTM Soft Tipped Cannula

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Divided Cannula

$86.75 - $126.75

Where analysis of PET CO2 and other exhaled gases is a standard practice in anesthesia, monitoring of non-intubated patients is limited.

Divided Cannula Case of 25

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Salter-Style® Cannula

$30.00 - $130.00

Salter Lab Cannula

Clear, lightweight cannula with unique one piece anatomical design. Eliminates the need for flap, which can cause irritation. Maximum patient comfort.

Salter-Style® Cannula - Case of 50

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“The Cannula that acts likes a Mask”

Performance, comfort and long term wearability of this cannula virtually eliminates the need for masks to deliver high flow oxygen 6 - 15 LPM Adult and 6 LPM for Infant.

Salter-Style® High Flow Cannula Case of 50

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