Arm Board Pad

$59.00 - $99.00

Comfortably supports and protects patient’s arms and elbows, helping prevent formation of pressure ulcers or nerve damage.

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Arterial Cannulation Support

$170.00 - $198.00

Item #FPM30777 Arterial Cannulation Support 30/cs

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Item #FPM30218 Axilla Arm Cuff 6”x 6”x 6” $40.00 6 pr/cs

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Foot Drop Stop


Item #FPM30204, Foot Drop Stop, Case 6

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Foot or Arm Cradle, Item #FPM30205, Case of 4 each

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Head Positioners

$79.00 - $145.50

Head Positioners 

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Heel Boot


Item #FPM30112 Heel Boot 9” x 14” x 1.5”  36 per case

Heel Boot protects and supports the hell and ankle from pressure build up and friction. Features adjustable straps.

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Laminectomy Arm Cradle

Item #FPM30217 Arm Cradle 23”x 5”x 3”(1.5”) 6 pr/cs

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Leg Abduction Pillows

$172.00 - $214.00

Leg Abduction Pillow

Available in 3 sizes

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Leg Cradle


Leg Cradle 31" x 11.75" x 11.5"

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