Disposable Malleable Aluminum Stylet boxes of 5 or 25
Sterile & Latex Free Malleable with rounded end

Disposable Adult or Pediatric Aluminum Stylet

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Endotracheal Tube Introducers

Sterile, disposable & Latex Free, Manufactured from low density

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Convenient -Tube supplied with stylet inside

Surface of stylet treated to prevent friction while

Endotracheal Tubes with Stylet Box of 10

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Fiber Optic Lighted Stylette

The Fiber Optic Malleable Lighted Stylette provides illumination during intubation and also incorporates the features of a malleable stylette.

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For Fiberoptic Lighted Stylette

Item #3675-S Stylette Stop, delrin pk/5

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FlexiSlip plastic coated malleable metal core.

Single Use, Sterile, Latex Free

Available in 4 sizes

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Introducer with oxygen connector for difficult intubation, for single use, sterile Lumen-design, rigid tip,

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METTI (Muallem ETTube Introducer)

for difficult intubation and tube exchange

Box of 5

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METTS (Muallem ETTube Stylet)  box of 5 for difficult intubation

Item #7-3208
Size 8 CH
Length for ET Tube 40 cm >/-3.5 mm

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Slick Disposable Endotracheal Stylet box of 25

Sterile, Nylon-coated wire, Malleable, Single Use
Sureloc Stop helps maintain desired length for patient safety
Handle forming capability for better grip

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