MRI Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Kit Price: $1,637.50

MRI Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Kit Item #2-2300MRI

Clinicians can feel confident using this MRI Conditional Fiber-Optic Laryngoscope to carry out emergency intubations within the MR environment. This product is lightweight and distinctly specialized with a hard anodized black aluminum handle and gold plated blades for easy identification. This MRI laryngoscope kit allows the clinician to treat the patient without the need to remove them from the MRI suite.

MRI Conditional Laryngoscope Kit Includes:
Six MR conditional blades (Macintosh blades 2,3,4 & Miller blades 1,2,3),
One MR conditional (ultra-safe style) hard anodized aluminum medium size handle, and Two MR conditional special battery packs.


Unique design–black handle and gold plated fiber-optic clip offers a set that is clearly distinguishable from blades and handles used in other departments Independently certified to support MR conditions with a static magnetic field of 3-Tesla or less and highest spatial gradient field of 720-Gauss/cm or less.

Quality product at an affordable price
High intensity xenon bulb provides ultra bright white light
Light weight handle and blades for ease of use
Powered by low magnetic battery for safety in the MRI suite