Oxygen Supply Manifold Price: $545.00

Portable Emergency Oxygen Manifold Systems

Use for mass casualty, EMS, and triage situations. Oxygen delivery for up to 6 patients. Flowmeters are individually controlled. 8 easy-to-read click-style flowmeters from 0-25 LPM. Pressure gauge on manifold. Standard DISS 1240 inlet and a 100 psi relief valve safety feature. Lightweight and compact durable aluminum construction. Includes cannulas, breathing masks, and compact carry case. Affordable high quality craftsmanship for years of dependable service.

Oxygen Supply Manifold
Item #10-EM06 Oxygen Supply Manifold Complete Kit

Complete Kit Includes: 20 ft. Oxygen Hose, 6 Oxygen Therapy Masks, and Carry Case