OCTI-FLO2 Portable Emergency Oxygen Manifold Price: $676.00

Portable Emergency Oxygen Manifold Systems

Use for mass casualty, EMS, and triage situations. Oxygen delivery for up to 8 patients. Flowmeters are individually controlled. 8 easy-to-read click-style flowmeters from 0-25 LPM. Pressure gauge on manifold. Standard DISS 1240 inlet and a 100 psi relief valve safety feature. Lightweight and compact durable aluminum construction. Includes cannulas, breathing masks, and compact carry case. Affordable high quality craftsmanship for years of dependable service.

OCTI-FLO2 Portable Emergency Oxygen Manifold (Kit)
Item #10-EM08 Emergency Oxygen Manifold

Complete Kit Includes: Cannulas, Breathing Masks, and Compact Carry Case