Disposable Endoscopy Masks Price: $194.00

Disposable Endoscopy Masks

If a difficult intubation is prognoses, orotracheal or nasotracheal fiberoptic intubation becomes the chosen method. The Endoscopy Mask allows simultaneous anesthesia and ventilation of the patient. The mask can also be used for diagnostic fiberoptic Airway Endoscopy.

The clear mask and silicone membrane allow optimal vision for introduction of the fiber bronchoscope. The VBM Endoscopy Mask allows mask ventilation of the patient during fiberoptic intubation. In connection with the VBM Endoscopy Mask, the Endotracheal Tube can be fitted with the connector, as the silicone membrane stays with the endotracheal tube after intubation, while the mask is removed over the endotracheal tube and connector. Diagnostic Airway Endoscopy with the fiber bronchoscope is possible using the VBM Endoscopy Mask with anesthetized patients during spontaneous breathing, assisted or controlled ventilation. The complete airway from the nose to the subsegments of the lungs can be diagnosed. Masks are available to aid difficult intubation for neonatal up to adult.

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