Video Stylet Kit Price: $476.00

The AincA VideoStylet is a lightweight, reusable “through the endotracheal tube” viewing system (and introducing stylet) that allows the practitioner to obtain a direct view of precisely where the tip of the endotracheal tube (ETT) is progressing. The thin (5.8mm max diameter at camera) malleable stylet contains a powerful camera assembly and bright LED illumination to deliver a 2.4” (320 x240 pixel) color image on the rechargeable LCD monitor assembly connected at the top of the stylet. For use, an ETT is loaded onto the VideoStylet; the VideoStylet is formed into a shape that is appropriate for that patient’s airway, and intubation is then initiated (with our without a laryngoscope). The monitor will display a well illuminated, wide angle image of the patient’s anatomy directly forward of the ETT tip as the ETT is moved along the airway. Being able to conclusively visualize the vocal chords on the video screen (even when direct visualization is not possible) will allow for a reduction of “cannot intubate, cannot ventilate” situations for difficult airways, and allows confidant placement of the ETT in the appropriate location.The items are covered by a 12 month manufacturer’s defect warrantee, which will not cover customer abuse or accidental breakage. 
The stylet will be limited to 100 re-uses, and the monitor will be limited to 1,000 re-uses before a warning light appears on the monitor to indicate “past usable life”. Charging status of the monitor battery pack is also indicated on the monitor. A 1-hour charge time delivers a 2-hour use time, with the monitor battery pack capable of 300 full re-charges. The “plug and go” system turns ON by connecting the stylet to the monitor. No other action is necessary to initiate use (no buttons to push or selections to make). Disconnecting the stylet from the monitor turns the system OFF.