KaWe Comblight C10/E16 Basic Kit Price: $260.00

KaWe Combilight C10/E16 Basic Kit  
COMBILIGHT® C10 otoscope head with interchangeable handle
EUROLIGHT® ophthalmoscope head E16 with correction lens wheel of stages +/- 20 diopters and one diaphragm
Large examination field of the fundus of the eyes
COMBILIGHT® C10 otoscope head features standard illumination with 2.5V vacuum bulb, three-times magnification and rotating lens
Three reusable ear specula, one each 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 4.0mm
Includes chromium-plated nose speculum, spare 2.5V bulb and 2 laryngeal mirrors (sizes 3 and 4)
Requires two C batteries (not included) or KaWe rechargeable battery
Hard plastic case
Item #14-5060