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MicroStim Nerve Stimulator

1 SunStim Nerve Stimulator - Anesthesia Price: $189.00

The SunStim is a complete muscle relaxant monitor that fits in the palm of your hand. Its functions include twitch, tetanus, and automatic train-of-four.

Output current is fully adjustable from 0 to 70 mA.

In additional to the flash of the pulse LED, an audible indicator sounds as each stimulus pulse is delivered, enabling direct monitoring of the patientโ€™s response.


The SunStim is delivered ready to use: Instruction manual, battery, diagnostic probe, and 6 foot leads with alligator clips are included.

    Modes of Operation:
  • Standby: A standby switch maintains power to the instrument without generation stimulus pulses.
  • Twitch: 1 s (1 pulse/s) Tetanus: 100 Hz (200 pulses/s) Train-Of-Four: Single (4 pulses/2 s)
  • Output Current: Adjustable from 0-70 mA Stimulus Pulse: Square Wave Monophasic pulses (200-us duration)
  • Indicators: Battery LED (green) indicates that the units on; it flashes when battery voltage is low. Pulse LED (red) flashes and audible indicator sounds each time a stimulus pulse is generated. Power Source: 9-V alkaline battery (access door on rear panel) Power Consumption: Approximately 15.5 mA
  • Case: High-impact ABS plastic with Lexan overlay on membrane touch-switches
  • Size: 1.10โ€ H x 2.42โ€ W x 3.88โ€ D Weight: 5.5 oz., Including battery
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Item #7-NT-23