1 SunStim Nerve Stimulator - Anesthesia Price: $189.00

The SunStim is a complete muscle relaxant monitor that fits in the palm of your hand. Its functions include twitch, tetanus, and automatic train-of-four.

Output current is fully adjustable from 0 to 70 mA.

In additional to the flash of the pulse LED, an audible indicator sounds as each stimulus pulse is delivered, enabling direct monitoring of the patient’s response.


The SunStim is delivered ready to use: Instruction manual, battery, diagnostic probe, and 6 foot leads with alligator clips are included.

    Modes of Operation:
  • Standby: A standby switch maintains power to the instrument without generation stimulus pulses.
  • Twitch: 1 s (1 pulse/s) Tetanus: 100 Hz (200 pulses/s) Train-Of-Four: Single (4 pulses/2 s)
  • Output Current: Adjustable from 0-70 mA Stimulus Pulse: Square Wave Monophasic pulses (200-us duration)
  • Indicators: Battery LED (green) indicates that the units on; it flashes when battery voltage is low. Pulse LED (red) flashes and audible indicator sounds each time a stimulus pulse is generated. Power Source: 9-V alkaline battery (access door on rear panel) Power Consumption: Approximately 15.5 mA
  • Case: High-impact ABS plastic with Lexan overlay on membrane touch-switches
  • Size: 1.10” H x 2.42” W x 3.88” D Weight: 5.5 oz., Including battery
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Item #7-NT-23