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Anesthesia and Respiratory Doctors

Anesthesia and Respiratory Care Medical Supplies

CCR Medical, Inc. is pleased to have you visit our web site. CCR Medical specializes in Anesthesia and Respiratory Care products. We manufacture Conventional and Fiber Optic Laryngoscopes, Howland Locks, Fiber Optic Stylettes, Dental Guards (tooth protectors), Head / Mask Harness, Precordial Chestpieces (bells), Monoscopes, and Tube Trees. Our Laryngoscope Blades and Handles are completely interchangeable with all conventional and fiber optic green systems

Sedation Dentistry Products

Precordial Chist Piece KitPlease see our new line of Sedation Dentistry Products. Whether you offer General, Moderate or Deep Sedation, The American Dental Association has guidelines for the use of sedation and general anesthesia by Dentists. We now offer a complete line of products to help you meet the dental sedation guidelines. Some of the products offered include Precordial Chestpieces, Nasal Airways, Endotracheal Tubes, Magill Forceps, Defibrillator, Suction Aspirators, Pulse Oximeters, Gas Regulators,Vital Signs Monitor, and Laryngeal Mask Airway Set.

DigiStim 3 Plus Nerve Stimulator Our expanding product line also includes Nerve Stimulators widely used by CRNAs and Anesthesiologists nationwide. Our Anesthesia and Respiratory Care division offers Airway Management Products, Endoscopy Masks, Oxygen Regulators, Oxygen Flowmeters, Y-Couplers, Vacuum/Suction Regulators, Oxygen Analyzers, Pulse Oximeters and Sensors, MDI adapters, Cannulas, Oxygen Cylinders and Racks, Quick Connects and Surgical Positioners. We represent products from leading manufacturers including, Life Tech, Geneva Healthcare, Sensoronics, Western Enterprises, Precision Medical, Instrumentation Industries, Bay Corp., Conmed, DeRoyal, Amvex, Salter Labs, Propper, Briggs Healthcare, Neuro Technology, Westmed, Maxtec, Teleflex, Hudson RCI, VBM Medical, and Allied Healthcare.

If you have any suggestions for additions to the Conscious or Sedation Dentistry, Anesthesia and Respiratory product lines, please let us know. If you prefer, please feel free to call our customer service department directly to place an order, 1-888-883-7331.